in Korean

Oh, Won Bae

1953 Born in inchon
1972-79 Studied at Dongguk University earning B.F.A and M.F.A
1982-85 Studied Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaus-Arts de Paris
Present Professor of the college of Arts Dong Guk University
Solo Exhhibitions 
2007 Artside | Seoul
2003 Kumho Museum of Art  | Seoul
2002 Cite des Arts | Paris
2001 Seoul Art Center |  Seoul
1999 Incheon Culture & Art Center  | Incheon
1998 The Chosun Ilbo Gallery | Seoul
1993 The Chosun Ilbo Gallery | Seoul
1992 Gallery Seomi | Seoul
1989 An Artist's Exhibition and December


| National Museum of ContemporaryArt, Seoul
1986 Gallery Dongduck | Seoul



Group Exhibitions
2007 Situation of Korean Contemporary Art | Korea Art Center, Seoul
  Life Story | Ahso Gallery, Seoul
2006 Engagement, Art Center, Seoul Art | Moran Museum, Seoul
  Korea Contemporary Arts 100 years
  | National Museum of coontemporary Art
  Asia Contemporary Arts | Singapore Arts Center, Singapore
  Incheon Women Biennale-Tune
  | Incheon Multiculture & Arts Center, Incheon
  Go like the horn of the rhinoceros | June Gallery, Seoul
  Small is beautiful | Sungnam Arts center, Sungnam
  Human who is walking toward the big road travel-company
  | Incheon Multiculture & Arts Center, Incheon
2005 Gabosae, Gabosae | Dongduk Arts Gallery, Seoul
  Gyeonggi Art Fair
  | Korea Contemporary Special Show Suwon arts Center
  Seoul Art Fair | Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Korea Modernism, Crossover and Hybrid of Viewpoint


| Kumho Museum
  From Now | Gallery Hamigang, Seoul
  Gyeonggi Art Fair | Suwon arts Center, Suwon
  Time-mystery | Cankaya municipality Contemporary arts, Istanul
  AngkorWat | Geoje Art Cneter, Geoje
  Gyeonggi Art Fair | Suwon arts Center, Suwon
  Welcom to Kangwon Land | Moran Museum, Seoul
  The open window to 21 century Incheon arts Festival
  | Incheon Multiculture & Arts center, Incheon
  30 Leaders of our era | Seoul Auction Center, Seoul
2004 DaDa5.2 | Uijae Museum, Kwang Ju
  Asia International | Fukuoka National Museum, Fukuoka
  South Foods Festival | Insa Arts Center, Seoul


The meeting of Catholic & Buddhist  | Gallery Bulihl, Seoul
2003 The Meeting of Buddhist and Catholic Artists| Catholic Art Gallery


The Artists Longing For Park Soo Keun| Park Soo Keun Museum


Korean Nude Art Exhibition | Se-jong Museum of Art
2002 The Prospect and Expectation of Korean Contemporary Art


| Kong-poengArt Center


Consciousness and Beauty | Gana Art Gallery
2001 The Exhibition of Yoon-Pil Temple in the Mountain of Sabool


| HakgojeGallery


2001 Korean Art, Reinstatement of Painting | Natinal Museum of Art


Painting of Korean Contemporary Art | Kwangdong Museum, China
2000 The Exchanged Exhibiton of Shanghai, Incheon Art


| Shanhai Museum of Art


Korean and American Contemporary Artists Exhibition


| Fox Gallery, Pennsylvania


Basis, Prospect | Seoul Gallery


Gwangju Biennale Specialty Exhibition


| Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall
1999 Dan-Won Art Exhibition | Ansan Olympic Commemoration Center


The Exhibition of The Winning Artis of Lee Joong Seop Art Prize


| Chosun-Ilbo Gallery


Pine for The sensibility and Freedom | France Cultural Department


Na-joo international Art Festival | Dongsiin University
1998 Yellow Sea Art Festival | Incheon Culture & Art Center


Incheon Contemporary Art Exhibition | Incheon Culture & Art Center


The Body in Painting | Han-lim Art Gallery


The Exhibition of Commemorationon the 50th Aniversaries


of The World human Rights| Seoul Arts Center


Seoul Art Festival | Seoul Musem of Art
1997 Exhibition of the History of Yellow Sea


| Incheon Comprehensive Culture and Art Center, Incheon


Exhibition of Today's View Point, Our Cultural Heritage


| Seonggok Gallery, Seoul
1996 Exhibition of Cities and Arts | Seoul Municipal Art Center, Seoul
1995 Today's Korean Fine Arts | Kongpyong Art Center, Seoul


Understanding the Modern Arts Closely


| The Chosun Ilbo Gallery, Seoul


Representation of Korean Interllectuals


| Kongpyong Art Center, Seoul


Exhibition of Dearmed Zone Arts and Cultures Movements


| Chosun Gallery, Seoul


'95 Korean Art Texture | National Museum of Contemporary Art


, Seoul


Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Arts


| Beijing National Museum of Art, Beijing
1994 Exhibition of Korean Modern Arts Trend | Gallery Insa, Seoul


The 100th Tongak Farmers Revolution Anniversary Exhibition


| The Art Center, Seoul
  Exhibition of Arts Seeing Today| Yeru Gallery, Chonju


Spring of four edges | Gallery Sakak, Seoul


Art Exhibition of Korean Religious People | The Art Center, Seoul


Seoul International Modern Arts Exhhibition


| National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul


Exhibition of Figure Painting, Expressionof life


| Hyundai Arts Gallery, Seoul


Exhibition of Dearmed Zone Arts and Culture Movements


| Seoul Munnicipal Museum


Exhibition of Twenty Artists' Image in Contemporary Art


| Icon Gallery, Seoul


Today's life-Today's Art | Kumho Gallery, Seoul


Korean Contemporary Art-1992's Expression | Sae Gallery, Seoul


Vein of Tradition-Group Exhibition of Korea | Seonam Gallery, Seoul


The Image Exhibition iin Closing Century | Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul


Invited Exhibition to Korean Contemporary Art | Sonje Gallery, Kyoungju


Cagne International Painting Festival | Cagne, France


Exhibition of Individuality and Expression | Samto Gallery, Seoul


Human Being-Seven Artists' Sight | Ami Gallery, Seoul

1990 Salon de Mai | Grand Palais, Paris


Exhibition of Artists in 1990's | Seoul Municipal Art Museum


Today's Situationof Korean Art | Hall of Art, Seouul


90's Exhibition of To Art Space| To Gallery, Seoul

1989 Contemporary Art-80' Situation | Dong Soong Art Center, Seoul


3rd Asian Art Festival


| Fukuoka Art Museum, Seoul National Museum of Contemporary Art


Human-Seven Artists Sight | Now Gallery, Seoul


Man-Thought-Today | Ondara Gallery, Cheonju


The Exhibition of Image | Kumho Gallery, Seoul
1988-91 Exhibition Group Engagement | Fine Art Center, Seoul
1988 Invited to the Contemporary Art Festival '88


| National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul


Situation of Korean Contemporary Art | Hangang Gallery, Seoul


Exhibition of Post Modernism | Museum of Hyundai, Seoul
1988-89 3.2 Recent Work | Growrich, Seoul
1988 Language Exhibition of Shape and Expression | To Gallery, Seoul
1986-88 Exhibition of Human Being


| Dongduck Gallery, Growrich Gallery, To Gallery, Seoul
1986 Invited Opening Exhibition of Art Cosmo Gallery


| Art Cosmo Gallery, Seoul


Exhibition of New Expression | Samchun Gallery, Seoul
1986-91 Salon de mai | Grand Palais, Paris
1985 Exhhibition of Korean Contemporary Art | Toulouse, France


Salon Regionale d'Art Plastique Marne la Valle | France


Beaux-Arts' 85 | Beaux-Arts, Paris


Salon des Realites Nouvelles | Grand Palais, Paris
1984 Confrontation | Belle Ville, Paris
1984-85 Salon de la Figuration Critique | Grand Palais, Paris
1983 Salon des Independant | Grand Palais, Paris
1983-84 Salon d'Automne | Grand Palais, Paris
1980-81 The Situation of Contemporary Art | Jeong woo Gallery, Inchon
1980 Exhibition of Pyosang 4313| Fine Art Center, Seoul
1979-81 The Independant Exhibition


| National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
1997 Won the 9th Lee Chung Seop Art Award
1985 Third Prize in Painting of Institut de France
1984 First Prize in Painting of Ecole nationale Superieure des Beaux-


Arts de Paris
Public Collection 
2003 Kumho Museum
1999 Incheon Subway station of Culture & Art Center
1998 Wonkwang University
1993 National Contemporary Arts Museum, Seoul
1989 Fukuoka Municipal Museum


Culture Department of France
1984 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris




Present Professor of the College of Arts, Dong Guk University
Address 9-410 Misung Apts, Bulkwang-dong, Eunpyung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone (H)359-5396, (S)2260-3430